Underwater Y mural Sacramento CA

Y.M.C.A. Identity Project
YMCA Central
2021 W Street Sacramento, CA 95818

WKI has completed the “UnderWater Y” WKI Community Mural Project @ YMCA Downtown Sacramento Central and would like to “THANK EVERYONE” who made it out to either of the two public unveiling ceremonies, especially the super duper cold evening on Friday, December 6th 2013.

I still get feedback on this article it continues to get referred, Pink Street Art & Wes Kos Images would like to THANK ALL THOSE who have read the Sacramento Bee Write Up. It was a great feature on how they captured the YMCA mural appearance, meaning and values.

I personally would like to thank all those who had something to cool to say over Facebook, personal emails or just in person about the Sacramento Bee write up. Very cool, that they came out to capture the mural’s beauty and design in such descriptive words. Mural located in the inner side of the pool outside lobby area. This 112′ x 9′ / 1000sf production is a WKI Community Mural Project and donated for the members of the YMCA and surrounding community.