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I am available for home & business mural commissions. I work on small and large scale projects for businesses & private residences. I also work with a dedicated team of artists with over 20 years of experience in the creative arts and design professions to work on large scale projects.


Underwater Y mural Sacramento CA

Underwater Y

YMCA Central
2021 W Street Sacramento, CA 95818

Mural located in the inner side of the pool outside lobby area.
This 112′ x 9’/1000sf production is a WKI Community Mural Project and donated for the members of the YMCA and surrounding community.

Transcendence mural Sacramento CA


Located at Sol Fire Yoga Studio
2613 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

This is a 1700 sq. ft. mural of universal inspiration based on the yoga philosophy. This mural has the seven chakras over the galaxy of astrological zodiac star alignments. The design was created by Artist Norman Ayles of Normaste Arts and painted by the WKI Mural Crew.

Underwater Y mural Sacramento CA

Rio Linda Veterinary Clinic

‘Our Pets/Family!’
432 M Street, Rio Linda, CA 95673

This is a 1500sq ft. mural. A tribute mural representing our furry family members for the patrons of the Rio Linda and Elverta, CA community.

Rio Linda California mural

Rio Linda California

‘Rio Linda California’
Located on M Street in Rio Linda, CA.

This 1000sq ft. mural is a community pride mural.

One Love Unlimited

One Love Unlimited

‘One Love Unlimited’
Acrylic on wood, 9′ x 3′

The mural was painted by Pink Street Art (Teresa Gutierrez) & (Markos Egure)

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