“HUMANITY” –  Wide Open Walls (2017, AUGUST)

This was our 1st ARTners team mural production project, which eventually pivoted into our program titled Mural Expressions. “HUMANITY” is a 300’x11′ long community awareness mural that stretches on Sacramento city block long, located in a ‘watch-your-surroundings’ alley. The mural concept, funded by the California Endowment, was designed in contrast to the standard Wide Open Walls Festival’s mural processing. Our mural production took a foundational approach to achieve our murals-with-messaging goal. The ARTners Nonprofit team of 20 various independent artists were determined to complete our social-conscious awareness mural. Overcoming the initial limited budget, no application supplies and we even fundraised our own completion budget. “HUMANITY” is composed of 17 smaller murals of individual life stories,evenly spaced, side by side, the entire length of the project from showing our humanities beginnings to our possible future. These cells are irregular shapes with a 3D illusion as if the wall has been broken away with cracks joining the cells. The mural title word humanity, 100’ wide by 11’ tall., is spelled out, as individual cells, this word is balanced in the middle of the entire piece from 7th street to 8th street. Additional ‘Power Words’ are painted on the 15 trash dumpsters that sit in front of our mural. These are painted as a statement of individual messages. Interpreted, as a visual metaphor, of what values and morals we are “throwing away” or identifying those words of “daily trash” today.