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About Pink Street Art

Mission Statement

Painting passionately with creativity to inspire all, while adding my own twist of culture, spirituality, love and appreciation.  Aiming to create a visual masterpiece to the client’s contentment.

About me…

I am an artist, Mother of two Sons, retiree from the State of California and a Co-Founder of the nonprofit 501c3 ARTners.  I wear many hats!  I am from North Highlands and grew up next to McClellan AFB. I get my artistic gift from my Mother who was also a portrait artist.  My two Son’s are my purpose to inspire, educate and create.  I love working with the community as the nonprofit ARTners and also love to sit and paint commission pieces in my own serenity under my artist name PinkStreetArt.  I am an experienced portrait artist and mural artist who has painted/donated 14 murals to the City of Sacramento and one in San Diego.  I can pretty much paint anything I am asked to do with my own twist of creativity.  I am always graciously available to paint commission pieces at a very reasonable price.

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“Art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder and everyone will have their own interpretation.”  


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